Trex Card Game Rules

This is a cards game (Trex), played by four. This is a game that depends on intelligence and luck at the same time. It is composed from 5 games selected by the game owner in his kingdom; there are four kingdoms to complete the game. In 4 games you must not take the hand in turns with a special kind of cards or you will suffer negative point, the fifth game depend on completing the order of cards on the table, the one who finish first take more positive points. The four negative points games are:

1- Girls (-25 each one).
2- The hearts old (-75).
3- The diamonds (-10 each one).
4- Latch (hit game), with every turn eaten is for Ė15.

The cards arranging game (Rens or boys) is equal to the sum of all the negative games points.

Since the playerís cards are hidden, the game needs attention to predict the team player or the opponent playerís cards pattern and avoid the negative points cards. Game start with the first player kingdom (the one who get the seven heart at the beginning), then he get to select the games that is gone to be played in the order that he do choose to, after that the five games are played the next player in turn start selecting the games during his kingdom.

 Game Rules
The game is played by four, it is composed of four Kingdoms (or sets) in each of them a Set owner or Kingdom owner takes the advantage of choosing the order of games that are gone to be played in that set. The games that can be selected, only once each set, are:

Negative points Games:
Play turn in rounds (counter clockwise), each round is started by the one that take the hand at the last round. The Set owner always starts the first round. The one that take the hand is the player that played the higher ranked Card in that round, Cards are ranked from top to down, Ace, Old, Girl, Boy, ten, Ö, two. The one that start the round can play any of his cards, the other players should play a card from the same colour. If they got no cards left from the played colour they become ďout of colourĒ and can play any other colourís card.

The Negative Points Games Are:

1- Girls: 13 cards rounds after each of it one take the hand, if he takes the hand after a round in which Girls cards are played he gets -25 points for each.

2- Old Heart: 13 cards rounds, after each of it one take the hand, if he takes the hand after a round in which Old Heart card is played he gets -75 points.

3- Diamond (or Dinari): 13 cards rounds, after each of it one take the hand, if he takes the hand after a round in which Diamonds cards are played he get -15 points for each.

4- Latch Game (hit Game): 13 cards rounds, after each of it one takes the hand, the player that takes the hand get -15 points every time he take the hand.

Positive points Game:

5- Boys (or Rens): in this game the play mechanism is totally different, the game is to put in order all the cards in four lines, one for each colour, starting from the boy and up until the Ace, and down until the Two. Each player must try to finish his cards before the others to get the positive points. The play also goes in round starting from the set owner, the play must start with a boy card, if the player turn comes and he got no card next in the line, he play nothing and (knocks) and the round continue. The one that finish the first get 200, the second 150, the third 100, and the fourth 50. In case the Unhide Two Cards at Rens options is selected, the two cards are uncovered after the first round, except when playing in teams, in the case in which all Two cards are hold by the same team.

 Game Strategies

One can really write a book about ways to play this game. In here, we present quick tips for starting users.
1- Negative Point Games:

In solo play you are on your own, so you can leave nothing for chances, of course one can always gamble but it does not work at the long term.

Some tips:
-In these games the main player strategy is to get to the case where he can play out of colour cards, in that case he get to play high ranked cards without taking the hand.
-Try to play the high ranked cards at the start of the game if you were sure that you are gone to take the hand if not.
-You should always watch what was played by other players, in that way one can, in some cases, know how many and what colour of cards are with some other players, so he can attack them with lower rank cards.

2- Positive Point Game (Boys):

Some tips:
-Try to know what each players got from cards, threw his play pattern, usually the player will try to play his two or low rank colour cards, and block the other colours.
-If you donít know what to play, play in the upper direction because it is not crucial in deciding the end game result.

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